About Soren Petersen

Dr. Søren Petersen is an international business consultant and design researcher, author and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post - The Creative Economy. Research areas are comprised of developing methods for Bridging Business and Design.

Design in Startups from the Get-Go

There has never been a better time to start a company since there is an abundance of capital, talent and growth rate. The rules of game have changed from a "make and sell" mentality to "how fast can one turn ideas/knowledge." Dynamic, real-time conversations with potential users are now possible on a daily basis, instead [...]

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The Sweet Spot for Startups

Successful startup founders are fueled by passion, a willingness to take risk and do whatever is necessary to make things happen. What they initially lack in financial capital, they more than make up for in human and social capital. So, how do startup teams most effectively match their limited resources and time to a cutthroat [...]

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Navigating Risk and Design in Startups

Investing in new entrepreneurial ventures operating within The Creative Economy may be the best option for creating future progress. Startups have the advantage of beginning with a blank slate and their key strategic advantage lies in creating breakthrough innovative offerings while mitigating exposure to the disproportionately large risk.  To support startups in the execution of [...]

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Predicting the Success of Design Driven Startups

In stark contrast to previous decades, starting a new venture can be accomplished on a shoestring budget. This is due to the diminishing cost of information and tools combined with the relatively high value of knowledge, skills and experience that founders bring to the equation. Bootstrapping is now often possible up to Round A Financing. [...]

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